CLYMB HI uses the “Versaclimber,” a cardiovascular machine that combines both upper body and lower body exercises in a vertical movement that is way beyond any other cardio equipment. Research proves that Versaclimbing tones all major muscle groups and is more efficient than treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, and bikes. It’s an all-in-one gym machine.

CLYMB HI is a non-impact total body workout for females and males of all ages. Its contra-lateral movement pattern replicates our natural human movements like crawling, walking, and running.

Take your fitness

to the next level.

Covid Protocols

• Hand sanitizer will be provided at entrance.
• Temperature checks when you enter the studio.
• Mask required at all times when you are not on your climber.
• Sanitizing wipes will be provided to wipe down your climber before and after use.
• Practicing social distancing.
• CLYMB HI staff wears facemask at all times.